Ame Aikido Dojo - Londrina

AME - Associação Mãos Estendidas is a new concept of social relationship. Prioritizes the real change in human behavior, enabling the formation of true citizens. It is a social rescue from a fair, honest, and virtuous society.

The concept of self-defense is not a main feature in the Aikido classes developed at AME, it goes far beyond that, it works on the ability to concentrate, emotional control, self-control, physical strengthening and, mainly, the development of the spirit of healthy pleasure.

Our intention with the producing this video was through a voluntary action, to make possible the realization of a dream of the association: the construction of the AME AIKIDO DOJO. A new space suitable for the practice of sports activities that serves more than 100 children, divided into two periods.

I invite you to see the final result with this video and get to know a little more about Associação Mãos Estendidas.Be part of it!

  • Production
    Cafeteria Filmes Co.
  • Production Assistant
    Vinicius G. Menck
  • Executive Production
    Associação Mãos Estendidas
  • Direction/Photography
    Filipe G. Menck
  • Images/ Camera
    Filipe G. Menck
  • Edição
    Cafeteria Filmes Co.
  • Art Director
    Renan Leal
  • Special Thanks
    Aldo Pedalino and family, all AME employees and students.

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