A.Free.K by Diogo Burka - Londrina

Music Video Authorial for A.Free.K


Diogo Burka is a music producer, arranger and multi instrumentalist from Londrina, Paraná - Brazil.
A Free K is an instrumental composition inspired by Afro-Brazilian references and fusion rock in all its nuances and particularities.
It is part of the most recent album called "Cais" 2020, a completely new and authorial work.

The idea was to create audiovisual material recorded in the studio that demonstrated at the same time the versatility with the instruments and all the rhythmic inspiration and characteristic African tones and fusion by Burka himself.

We created some graphic elements and sound effects together with Burka, creating a unique language for the video.

Hear more of the sound of the boy who started his journey in music at the age of six with the influence of his mother and a gift keyboard.

  • Video Production
    Cafeteria Filmes Co.
  • Composition & Execution
    Diogo Burka
  • Audio Production
    Julio Anizelli - Plugue Estúdio
  • Photography Direction/Edition
    Filipe Menck
  • Motion Graphics
    Felipe Ernst
  • Production Assistant
    Renan Leal
  • Design & Art
    Henrique Medina
  • Executive Production
    Davi Di Pietro - Alavanca Produções
  • Special Thanks
    Elthon Dias & Marcelo Siqueira

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