Un Viaggio by Enoteca La Torre Villa Laetitia - Rome Un Viaggio by Enoteca La Torre Villa Laetitia - Rome

Un Viaggio by Enoteca La Torre Villa Laetitia - Rome



The Enoteca La Torre Villa Laetitia is located in the center of Rome  it is the complete experience, a long tour of the city, passing by the bar at the entrance of the lounge with Fabio Catarci, the bar mixologist.

Enjoy the images and the beautiful drinks created by the excellent mixologist! (Yes, I tried them all =P)


The experience of producing materials in other countries always adds and it's very interesting. Directing the scene and interviewing in English with translators ends up being much more relaxed than other situations that I've been with Brazilians (We'll talk more about that here). In the whole process from the first contacts, our executive producer of the project, (Alexandra Bruzzese) made everything possible by making the English-Italian translations! (Thanks Alex!)

The manager Rudy Travagli is the watchful eye throughout the customer service. He makes a point of exposing all his knowledge, whether in the suggestions on the wine list, pairings, menu or any other explanations to customers. The restaurant's wine cellar is a differential due to its history, quantity and quality of available labels.


The menu is made by Domenico Stile, chef from the Gragnano region coming to Rome to take over the kitchen in 2016. With a gastronomy of passion in a gastronomic scene like the Italian capital, the chef translates with ingredients and techniques the  classic Roman dishes in modern food on a tasting menu by unique way. There is a dessert, which is a specialty in the service and has a whole experience when executed and served at the table.

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